Mummy and Baby Yoga Classes In North London


Baby doing yoga

Baby yoga classes in London to strengthen baby’s development

Ensure that your baby will develop in the best possible way, reaching a full potential by supporting its growth from the very first months of your baby’s life.

Baby yoga helps the parent and baby to get to know each other, enhancing communication. The quality attention the baby receives from their parents helps the baby to learn interacting with others and play actively.

Other benefits include:

  • Helps the parent and baby to natural bond
  • Strengthens & aids your baby’s development
  • Deep relaxation for both
  • Improved sleep patterns for your baby
  • Aids digestion
  • A balance of activity and relaxation
  • Pleasure and fun
  • Simple programme can be given to you to practise with your baby in your everyday life.

Class duration 40min


At our studio

£40 a single class
£350 a course of 10 classes

At your place

£50 a single class
£450 a course of 10 classes

Trial class at our studio