Private Yoga Classes

Private and Small Group Yoga Classes in North London

Private and small group classes are available at a time convenient for you, either at our serene studio in Muswell Hill or at your home, company or event. Ideal for beginners that do not feel ready to join a group class and for clients that like to tailor their practise. All programmes can include meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and Yoga Nidra. For more information and to arrange a trial class please get in touch. Please note that for private visits more than 8 miles distance from our base in North London different prices will apply.

Open Small Group Classes in Muswell Hill:

Monday 7:30-9pm

£18 per class or £160 for a course of 10

Trial Class £16

(max 5 participance)


Peter McHugh

Chief Executive Officer

Quiddity Production

I would like to place on record my appreciation of and recommendation for Katerina’s work. I must admit to being somewhat cynical when yoga was suggested to me as a way of improving my mobility after an operation and as a way to help me cope with running a organisation with many daily demands.Thanks to Katerina’s skills and enthusiasm I quickly realised I was wrong. Yoga is now part of my weekly routine.

I was also fortunate enough to join one of her Yoga breaks in Greece where, apart from the beauty of the island we were on, a holiday with real rest at its core was provided. If you get the chance do it!

Peter TV producer


Why Yoga:

In our modern western lives we have learned to pay attention on the physical body in a relatively artificial way. Our senses are over-stimulated, thus our brain gets overloaded with information and the worries of everyday life which get absorbed by our senses. Sadly many of us very rarely look into ourselves and our emotional and spiritual states can be greatly neglected. It is not customary in the West to ever be taught how to turn our awareness to our breathing, like in a Yoga class and how to connect to the most important thing! ‘Oneself’ in its totality, body, spirit and mind.