About Illona


Illona is a holistic nutritionist based in London. She has a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics, MSc in Clinical and public health nutrition: Eating disorders from the University College of London and a Diploma as a Master Practitioner in eating disorders and obesity from the National Centre for Eating disorders in Surrey.

She currently works as a natural remedies’ advisor for Planet Organic, the UK’s largest organic supermarket, where she has expanded her knowledge in naturopathic nutrition and herbs. She also works and volunteers for two nutrition-related charities where she concentrates on improving people’s nutrition, while improving their cooking skills and knowledge on nutrition.

Illona has also worked in Greece as a freelance Dietitian for over two years, where she practised more on obese women with emotional eating and obese children.

Illona ‘s passion is to help people improve their health via gradually changing their diet and lifestyle. Her dream is to set up a support group with women with weight issues and help them overcome it.

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