Pilates Classes

Our instructor works with each class participant separately, tailoring exercises to suit individual needs. With a maximum of 3 people per class, each client will get a tailored one to one session (within the group) with hands-on adjustments, and sometimes feet-on!!

Katerina demonstrating use of pilates equipment

Benefits include:

  • Physical development: strength, flexibility, improved balance and motor skills.
  • Reducing the sense of tension and pain
  • Improved posture and breathing
  • Concentration and coordination
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Sense of happiness/ better mood

using studio equipment to do pilates

We offer a relaxing environment supporting clients to improve their posture gaining balance between strength and flexibility, while challenging coordination. Focusing on the body and breathing will have a relaxing effect on the nervous system, helping to release stress and tension, allowing space for free graceful movements.

Using the apparatus that include the Reformer, the Wunda Chair and the Cadillac, equipment originally designed by Joseph Pilates as well as the new designed Core-Align. Working with the Pilates principals we support our clients to get connected to their body understanding the safest and most efficient way to move. Thus, it can be beneficial for clients who need a gentle approach, supporting injuries (recovery from surgery a stroke) or managing pain and chronic conditions incl MS, ME etc , as well as those looking for a more challenging work out.

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Pilates including Mummy and Baby Pilates available!


Kids Pilates 6-week-workshop

For Boys and Girls 7 - 10 years old
The Kids Pilates in Action programme was specially designed for children to get body awareness in a fun and challenging class. In our course, kids learn to understand the importance of acquiring a good posture and exercising, along with healthy habits.
Pilates assists in children's physical development by strengthening their muscles, creating flexibility, balance, coordination and allowing concentration and breath improvement. The creation of a balanced body improves sports performance and prevents injuries.
Testimonials from kids:
'If I'm having a big boring day ahead, I think about my Pilates class and it makes me smile' -Stanley 10 years old
'I like my Pilates class, because is fun and I can stretch my body and get more fit'- Rosy, seven years old
The instructor: Susana Ceballos
Susana has got 14 years of experience teaching Pilates and is the founder of “Kids Pilates in Action” (KPA). The main purpose of KPA is to create body posture awareness in children through the practice of Pilates, thereby helping to prevent body misalignment in adulthood. Susana truly believes that by giving attention to their bodies, people can accomplish both their professional and personal goals more efficiently.

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Pilates Studio Classes (with equipment)

£34.5 per class

£300 for a Block of 10 (valid for 4 months) to buy click here 

£160 for a Block of 5  (valid for 3 months)

£30 for your first trial class

Maximum of 3 participance per class. All classes suitable for Pre/Post Natal

Private Studio Pilates Classes (with equipment)

£65 for 1 class 60min or £600 for a Block of 10 (valid for 4 months)

Private Pilates Classes at your place

£70 for 1 class 60min or £650 for a Block of 10 (valid for 4 months)

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To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limits of our ability.

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