Special yoga classes/SEN


two people on yoga mats looking up at camera

Special yoga classes for Autism, Cerebral Palsy and other illnesses

Our special classes will support practitioners with special education needs and developmental challenges including autism, down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy etc

Parents and Carers are welcome to our special classes. In our classes we will work with hand on adjustments that can give support to participants with severe needs. Working very closely the teacher will get to feel the students breath and vice versa and will tune to each other. The practice can be more passive at the beginning and as its individual practitioner get to now and feel the movements and postures and the teacher start to learn and develop a more personal relationship with the practitioner the work can develop and positive changes will start happening.

Lesson duration 1h


At our studio

£60 a single lesson, £55 per lesson for a course of 10 lessons

At your place

£65 a single lesson, £60 per lesson for a course of 10 lessons

Trial lesson at our studio