Yoga for Small Groups: For Beginners to Advance level

group yoga class
For beginners up to advance level the lesson will be tailored and developed to meet the group’s needs.Shear with your loved ones your yoga experience in a very friendly, supporting and why not fun environment with lots of individual support from your yoga instructor.Participants can be set from you, for example if you have some friends or family you would like to practise with you can make you own group. Alternatively we can match you with a practise partner that has similar needs and goals with you. Classes are not drop in and our practitioners can progress on a similar level. We likes to work with small groups so you can always have the benefits of a private class!


 At our studio open classes:

Monday 7:45-9:15pm

Wednesday 11-12:30pm

Single class £18

Course of 10 classes £160.

Trial class £16

(max 5 participants)


At your place

Single class:
£65 for 60min
£70 for 75min
Course of 10 classes:
£600 for 60min
£650 for 75min

Trial lesson at our studio