Corporate Yoga

Re-energize the team with yoga at your London workplace

When doing ‘cerebral work’ in a sitting position, although there is a lot of energy required for the brain to function, there is no physical movement and, therefore, we are not breathing deeply and the oxygen intake is limited. With the use of Pranayama/breathing exercises we can increase oxygen intake, which leads to a clear mind and a re-energised body. Breathing exercises will support one to be more focused and will create a sense of calmness. Yoga Asanas/postures practice will release the tension that burdens the neck, shoulder and back area in the sitting position.

For computer users, a handy handout with simple sketches for the neck, shoulders etc. will be handed out. This can be used during short breaks at work, in order to support your comfort during the long sitting hours.

You can practise in the morning, lunchtime or at the end of the day at your conference rooms.

Corporate Yoga will:

  • Build team spirit and motivation
  • Clear your mind and re-energise your body
  • Release tension in the neck, shoulders and back
  • Reduce stress
  • Make you feel calm and focused
  • Increase concentration and memory


At your business

Single class:

£65 for 60min
£70 for 75min
£75 for 90min

Course of 10 classes:

£600 for 60min
£650 for 75min
£700 for 90min

Trial class at your business: £60

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