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Why Choose Yogaloom?

Private Yoga & Pilates Classes in North London

We offer yoga and pilates private classes. These can be either one-to-one or you can put together your own small group for a private session. Private classes are available at any time convenient for you, either at our serene studio in Muswell Hill or at

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Equipment Pilates

We offer a relaxing environment supporting clients to improve their posture gaining balance between strength and flexibility, while challenging coordination. Focusing on the body and breathing will have a relaxing effect on the nervous system, helping to release stress and tension, allowing space for free graceful movements. With a maximum of 2-3 people per class, each client will get a tailored one to one session (within the group) with hands-on adjustments.


Open Yoga

In this class we use postures, breath and mindful attention to find out what really works for us in our yoga practice. We explore our strength, quality and range of movement looking for freedom and ease in our bodies.



A traditional flow focusing on the movement between postures with emphasis on the breathe through movements and asanas.Designed to align and calm your body and mind.


Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is a very nurturing and enjoyable practice, with focus on breath, movement and relaxation. Yoga during pregnancy keeps your constantly changing body supple and strong. It works with the physical and emotional changes the body experiences throughout the different stages of pregnancy. It helps you to develop a relationship with your baby growing inside you and specific yoga techniques and breathing will prepare you for the birth and beyond.


Yoga pregnancy techniques, during and after pregnancy

Intro Offer Block of 5 Yoga Classess £35

Our yoga classes are offering a safe and relaxing place where women can reconnect with their bodies during the pregnancy period when the body is changing.

Candlelit Restorative Hatha 2h

Teacher: Clare Rebecca