About us

Yogaloom is a local independent yoga & pilates studio in the heart of Muswell Hill, in North London, founded by Katerina Ioannou in 2008. Katerina has 15 years yoga and pilates teaching experience having studied yoga for over 600 hours in India as well as UK to include yoga therapy and yoga for SEN. She has completed a 2000 hours training with the UK Pilates Foundation. She also comes from a dance background and holding a Bachelor as well as 2 diplomas from UK. Her dance background, brings a huge sense of energy, enthusiasm and kindness with a holistic approach to her teaching and therapeutic work. Now, after 13 years we are a proud, big family, a united team of dedicated teachers, therapists and practitioners who offer personalised Yoga and Pilates  classes, tailored training, relaxing and therapeutic treatments according to each customer’s needs.


At the core of Yogaloom is the belief of creating  a wellness community of people  that practice together, support each other, share their stories and thoughts, seek their inner peace, believe in life and love. We also support rehabilitation clients, pregnancy/postnatal clients and those with varying conditions from Scoliosis to Multiple Sclerosis, to name but a few. From a practising point of view, we believe that through the use of movements, physical postures with the use of gravity, breathing practices as well as relaxation techniques, visualisation and meditation, we aim to help restore the balance between the body and mind and encourage natural healing. With excellent attention to technique and alignment we aim to restore muscular balance that can turn tightness and pain to healthy, painless, functional muscles. Helping you to regain your natural range of movement. To be freely functioning in your everyday life as well as to support performance include sports activities at a personal as well as professional level.


Our goal is to find the more effective way to work with each person or group, encouraging their uniqueness and preserving their health and wellness in the most effective and exciting way.


Our studio offers a bright, cosy and serene atmosphere in the heart of Muswell Hill with a  breathtaking view of London City. We are in easy reach from Crouch End, Alexandra Palace, Highgate, Bounds Green, Finchley and beyond. It offers a wide range of Pilates Reformer/Equipment and Yoga props. Our studio accommodates up to 12 people for Mat classes and 4 for Reformer/Equipment Pilates.

Αντίγραφο του Ανώνυμο

“Yoga is a life of self-discipline. Yoga
balances, harmonises, purifies and
strengthens the body, mind and soul. It
shows the way to perfect health, perfect
mind control and perfect peace with one’s
own self, with the God.”

Swami Sivananda