Chant and Chill - A Free Event on Saturday 11 March 7-9pm!

Chant and Chill

Chant and Chill is a therapeutic and calming session of Sanskrit Chanting run by Gaiea and is a beautiful opportunity to get together and share the sounds of Sanskrit. The session would usually be with a group between 5 and 15 people and would create an intimate space where everyone can relax and be themselves while with others. 

The sound of Sanskrit can connect deeply with many people, some people may experience emotions that have long been forgotten and buried, some may cry or laugh. Gaiea always creates a safe space where everyone feels comfortable to allow whatever the sounds bring without judgement.

Participants are asked to listen to the sound of their voice without judgement or ideas and to those around them, and allow themselves to relax into the chant and experience the vibe created in the room. People can either sit on the floor or on chairs. They are generally asked to stay silent when coming into the session and if there is dedicated time to socialise after conversation can be saved for that point. 

This is a FREE event but the suggested donation is £10. You can make a  donation by cash or card on the day. or by Paypal direct to Gaiea at:


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