Equipment-Based Reformer Pilates in Muswell Hill

Yogaloom Pilates in Muswell Hill specialises in Reformer Pilates. We support clients to improve their posture, gaining balance between strength and flexibility while challenging coordination. Focusing on the body, the technique is primarily aimed at improving core strength, renowned for its transformative benefits. Used for rehabilitation purposes (as well as general fitness from beginners to advanced), the practice helps the body to develop, increasing its fitness and health.

Equipment /Reformer Pilates

We offer Reformer Pilates to include clinical/rehabilitation/pregnancy/postnatal and injury prevention Pilates in a relaxing environment. We support clients to improve their posture, achieve balance between strength and flexibility, while challenging coordination. Focusing on the body and breathing will have a relaxing effect on the nervous system, helping to release stress and tension, allowing space for free graceful movements, restoring and increasing our rage of movement for a pain free and functional body. With a maximum of 3-4 people per class, each client will get a tailored one to one session (within the group) with hands-on adjustments.

We use the apparatus that includes the Reformer, the Wunda Chair, the wall unit and the Cadillac, equipment originally designed by Joseph Pilates. Working with the Pilates principals we support our clients to get connected to their body understanding the safest and most efficient way to move. Thus, it can be beneficial for clients who need a gentle approach, supporting injuries, recovery from surgery – including recovery from a stroke, managing pain and chronic conditions including MS, ME, Scoliosis etc, as well as those looking to prevent injuries  and those who seek a more challenging work out. As these classes are taught on a one to one basis, within a group, they are also suitable for pregnancy and postnatal Pilates. We do also offer designated pregnancy/postnatal reformer Pilates classes.

For a session where the instructor can give you their 100% we also offer private one-to-one classes.

Benefits include:

  • Physical development: strength, flexibility, improved balance and motor skills.
  • Reducing the sense of tension and pain
  • Improved posture and breathing
  • Concentration and coordination
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Sense of happiness/ better mood

How It Works

Our equipment, known as the reformer, Cadillac and Wunda chair, provides a dynamic and resistance-based workout that targets core muscles. Through a series of controlled and precisely executed movements, the technique challenges the core, enhancing its strength, stability and flexibility building lean and flexible muscles. The sliding carriage and adjustable springs on the reformer create resistance that requires the engagement of the entire core, developing its full range of movement. Intentionally low-impact, the practice is suitable for individuals seeking recovery, enhancing stability, balance and posture. Through controlled movements and breath awareness, rejuvenation is promoted gradually with a natural emphasis on helping the body to feel fitter and more equipped to withstand injury.

Strengthening The Body

Targeted and controlled, Pilates is an exercise focused on physical recovery, fostering improved posture, balance, and overall muscle tone for the body. Its versatility in terms of technique allows for modifications to be made that are tailored to individual needs, making it an effective and adaptable tool for those seeking to rehabilitate or regain core strength. Useful for addressing musculoskeletal imbalances, the controlled movements improve muscle flexibility, joint mobility and body awareness. The resilience and balance required helps the body to feel fitter, healthier and stronger.


Classes are focused on providing you with the space and support to move effortlessly and gracefully. We offer tailored one-to-one sessions within a group of a maximum of 3-4 people per class as well as reformer Pilates classes of up to 5 people with hands-on adjustments. We use bespoke apparatus to focus on restoring you fully, supporting you physically to allow you to get connected to your body. We help you regain harmony in your body, focusing on improving core strength and improving muscle function to allow for wider flexibility, poise and good posture.

How We Teach

We teach flexibly, prioritising your needs and ensuring our methods are adapted to meet your requirements. Our instructors foster an environment where you can comfortably move your body and feel safe. Our teaching is aimed at being motivational and instructive, offering you the knowledge you need to move your body in ways that concentrate on developing core strength, resilience and recovery.

What We Value

We value growth, emphasising the transformative power of equipment reformer pilates on the physical body. What you learn on the mat can be carried into your daily life, aiding the way your strength and abilities day-to-day. Through our commitment, we foster a harmonious integration of learning, influencing the way you move your body consistently for a better sense of self.

Core Strength, Muscle Development & Physical Resilience

Pilates, though mindful, is a practice that’s embedded in strength. Active and dynamic, the movements enacted throughout require the body to perform in taut, reflexive and responsive ways, promoting muscle strength and flexibility. Weaving in strength-boosting stretches and routines, we emphasise the transformative nature of the practice on the body, guiding you into a sense of well-being that’s centred on your physical health and development.

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We aim to rejuvenate your body, using advanced resources and teaching methods to take a new approach to healing that is focused on improving your core strength, revitalising your flexibility and rejuvenating your physique. Book in with us directly to experience our equipment-based reformer Pilates, with firm and committed support from our contemporary Pilates studio in North London. We are in the heart of Muswell Hill and within easy reach from Crouch End, Alexandra Palace, Highgate, Finchley and beyond!





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