Katerina Ioannou

FOUNDER / INSTRUCTOR – Katerina, originally a dancer, was drawn to Yoga and Pilates to support her injuries from performing, and this has inspired her physically and spiritually.

Katerina brings a huge sense of energy, enthusiasm and kindness to her informative classes. Being inspired from her studies in India she uses breathing as the greatest tool to work on the nervous system to reduce anxiety, to re-connect body and mind, to focus, to enable positive thinking and ultimately reawaken internal balance.

Having the body intelligence of a dancer along with her knowledge from her Pilates studies with her inspiring teacher Anne-Marie Zulkahari, Katerina likes to pay attention to alignment and to tailor her classes to support practitioner’s individual needs. She is a highly experienced children and family Yoga teacher, specialising in working with children and adults with SEN as well as with pregnancy and rehabilitation clients, where her gentle approach is both effective and popular.