Renata Dos Passos De Almeida

INSTRUCTOR- From young age, I have been fascinated with exercises and all sorts of movements.
As a child, I did ballet, jazz, gymnastics and capoeira. In my teen’s I studied drama for a while and ended becoming an actress. I did a couple of theatre plays and some TV work. In the meantime, I started a professional school of contemporary dance and studied there for two years. With inspiring teachers. But I’ve made some changing on my plans and I came to live in London, after having my son I started to have some aches and pains, so I decided to try some pilates classes and after few classes I’ve notice some improvements and after one year of consistency practice I was pain free. I felt in love with Pilates and I turned into my full time job. After qualifying in 2012 at City Lit College I taught for a couple of years and later discovered Body Control Pilates, I did a bridging course and 2012 and 2014 I qualified on the reformer and regularly attend workshops, courses and teachers classes.