Sound and Soma

Sound & Soma; a mystical journey in the world of your voice …

Is a 12-week interactive online course that brings together metaphysical principles with cutting edge somatic practices. Through meditative vocal exercises you’ll change your relationship with your body from the inside out and uncover the profound  wisdom that lies within you.

This isn’t about learning some abstract spiritual concept quite the contrary. These sessions will leave you feeling replenished, nourished, calm and peaceful. For when we know how we can use our voice to;

  • calm the nervous system
  • reduce anxiety
  • go beyond stress & burn out
  • unlock numbness
  • connect to our Soul
  • restore innate confidence
  • energise ourselves when we’re depleted
  • deepen our breath
  • boost our immune system
  • create oxytocin

Whether you’ve never worked with your voice before or have tons of experience, Sound & Soma will give you something new. It’ll rewire your brain and create new neural-plasticity through psychologically sound and physiologically solid methods