Vinyasa To Restore Workshop

Vinyasa To Restore Workshop On A Sunday Evening

Welcoming Winter: A Water Element Practice on a Sunday evening. The workshop runs on two Sundays a month.

The nature of natural phenomena is composed of elements. In yoga, these five elements are known as pancha bhutas. These five elements are earth, water, fire, air and space or ether. They represent the physical and energetic qualities of the human body and of the physical world. The ebb and flow of these five elements influence our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. When they are in harmony, we experience peace and good health. When they are out of balance, we can experience suffering and unhappiness. The awareness and understanding of these laws of nature allows us to bring them into a state of equilibrium.

Now, winter is here. And winter is ruled by the water element. There is a preciousness to the water element, without water there is no life, we need it for everything. All the elements need water to thrive. The water element stores our essence, it’s like our reserve pack which is why rest is so important this time of year

In this long Sunday class, we’ll use asana, pranayama and meditation to connect to water and raise its energy within us, to enhance these qualities in our minds and bodiesExpect a nourishing yoga sequence that involves flowing, circular movements, continuous movement and a good, yummy rest. Join us to release the tension and tightness in your body and to encourage relaxation and release.

 Everybody welcome!

For Emanuela’s Vinyasa to Restore Workshop:

Join Emanuela in this Sunday workshop to explore the art of Vinyasa: its purpose, meaning, and applications. We will use our bodies to explore the pure action of Vinyasa in a dynamic session. This will be followed by a guided relaxation, and then the pure stillness of meditation. 

We need a minimum of two people for all workshops to go ahead.





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