Candlelit Restorative Hatha 120min

Sunday 13th October 18:30-20:30


Candlelit Restorative Hatha 120min with Jackie Head

You will be guided through a sequence of deep, opening postures and pranayama.This workshop encourages a natural quieting of the mind & rebalancing of the central nervous system.Jackie is a Reiki Master and will be working with these gentle frequencies.

Candlelit Yin Yang 120min

Sunday 22nd September 19:30-21:30


Candlelit Yin Yang 120min with Clare Rebecca Passmore

A two-hour of dynamic heat building yoga to help building that internal fire in the body. A transitionary guided meditation that rolls into an hour of deep stretches to leave you feeling ready for the week ahead.

Mindfulness for Mothers

Thursday 10th October 20:30-21:30


Mindfulness for Mothers with Ruth Sabrosa

A deep relaxation session for mothers to help them find calm amongst the chaos, learn mindfulness and self-hypnosis techniques to be more present and calm in any situation, an open space to chat and seek solidarity. All Mothers welcome!

Hypnobirthing Restorative Pregnancy Relaxation

Saturday 28th September 11:45-12:45


Hypnobirthing Restorative Pregnancy Relaxation with Ruth Sabrosa

Take one hour out of your busy schedule to focus on just you and your baby, to enjoy the wonder of being pregnant and to experience deep relaxation and Hypnobirthing in a comfortable, safe environment with a stunning view! These one hour sessions will cover a different pregnancy related topic each month and are the perfect compliment to pregnancy yoga and other ante-natal classes you may be attending. All pregnant mamas welcome, no experience necessary and suitable if you are already doing another Hypnobirthing class or listening to the tracks as these bite-size sessions will reinforce all of the positive suggestions.
Last Saturday of the month at Yogaloom studio

Introduction to Transformational Breath®

Sunday 22nd September 14:45-17:45


Introduction to Transformational Breath® with Lisa Hatton

Come and Experience the Power of your very own Breath
Transformational Breath® is a wonderful, simple yet profound, self-empowering technique that can facilitate powerful lasting personal change without the need to talk, analyse or share. It is natural, safe, easy to learn and proven to have many benefits.
Did you know that just by changing the way you breathe you can permanently clear unhelpful thought patterns and emotional baggage? It's great for those of you who would like to handle stress in a better way or maybe you might like to improve your physical wellbeing or simply connect to yourself in a deeper way. We breathe in and out about 20,000 times a day, yet most of us pay little attention to how we breathe or how deeply it affects our physical, mental and emotional state.
Join this amazing workshop to discover the power of your very own breath and how to unlock its immense potential. Experience the deep peace and tranquillity - that can be found right underneath your nose!
Accessing a full-bodied, deep connected breath can help you:

  • Feel more energised
  • Clear toxins
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve digestion
  • Release anxiety and deal with stress in a better way
  • De-clutter the mind of negative chit chat
  • Let go of old emotional baggage
  • Sleep better
  • Gain a sense of freedom
  • Generate feelings of peace and calm
  • Feel lighter and more focused
  • Gain clarity, inspiration and connection with your intuition
  • Bring more joy, self-awareness and wellbeing into your life

Everyone can benefit from learning Transformational Breath® regardless of age, health or condition. It's wonderful for pregnant women too and can help clear their own birth trauma before giving birth. It can also be used whilst giving birth.
In the workshop you will be helped to identify your own unique breathing pattern; you will learn to breathe more fully and experience a full Transformational Breath® session. Sound, movement, and gentle acupressure will also be used.

Drama Workshops

Starting Monday 23rd September 2019

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Drama Workshops with Katerina Petridou

A mix & match theatre workshop where different arts are blended together and trips to parallel universes take place. Teleport with us! For all ages.

Teleporta is a door that leads you into a magical world, where you can travel through time and space, discover the world and yourself. It's a mix & match theatre workshop where different arts are combined and projects are held. They will all result in a devised piece of theatre, a unique performance made from scratch where you can participate in any way you prefer, on stage or off stage. Children, teenagers and adults become teleporters -in English or Greek- through theatre games, improvisation, role playing, dramatisation, storytelling, pantomime, puppetry, movement, music and songs, props making, short film making, writing and the use of media.

Little Teleporters (4-6 y/o) & (7-12 y/o) 12week course

Theatre should play a vital part in people's education and that needs to start at an early age. Children need more opportunities to express their feelings and thoughts, share their experiences, build relationships, work as a team, learn to respect each other, embrace diversity, explore the world and themselves, develop their confidence, have a go without the fear of failure, get inspired.
Theatre is the most magical way for all of these to happen. Would you like to be part of this journey?

Mondays 16.00-17.00: Little teleporters (4-6 y/o) Block of 12 classes

Mondays 17.15-18.15: Little teleporters (7-12 y/o) Block of 12 classes

Teleporteens (13-18 y/o) 12week course

Apart from the above, young people need to be heard. They need to feel appreciated. This is why a devising performance will be one of our main priorities. Exploring the real world by raising awareness for a social issue, a place of heritage, a historical event or a story that hasn't been heard will be one of this group's projects. Their concerns, their dreams, their fears, their interests, their passions will be mirrored on the team's work. Making new friends and having their voices heard will help them feel included and develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Mondays 18.30-19.45: Teleporteens (13-18 y/o) Block of 12 classes

Teleportes (in Greek) 12week course

We teleport in Greek. What changes here is that we add another goal: to keep in contact with the cultural heritage & the Greek language and to instil in children the thirst for further exploration of their origins. Through theatre and amusing activities children come closer to the Greek language and culture, their tradition, their history, the greek mythology, tales and songs. We want them to enrich their vocabulary and feel confident. We encourage them to speak in Greek, even if they make mistakes. One of the most effective teaching methods is "learning by doing", by having fun and exploring. How about joining our learning adventure?

Fridays 16.15-17.30: Teleportes (in greek) Block of 12 classes

Teleporters (adults) 12week course

This is a group for adults. It's never late to enter the world of theatre, a parallel universe in which we can have a break from the stress and the automatisation of the world outside, where we are called to play roles all day. As William Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage". Time to put everything back, be ourselves, discover the truth inside us, collaborate and share. It's liberating. It's purifying. It leads to catharses. Participants will experience all the games, activities and projects described alongside plus acting techniques and role approaches. The workshop will be run in English or Greek, depending on people's demands.

Fridays 517.45-19.15: Teleporters (adults) Block of 12 classes

Teen Yoga

Thursday 12th September 17:15-18:15


Teen Yoga by Tamsin Lemkow

Teen yoga is the perfect way to take a pause and de stress after school. Yoga helps to improve your posture and enhances self confidence with body image. Breathing and meditation will help you to be more focused and relaxed enabling better sleeping patterns. It's a fun way to take care of your body!