Family yoga class for a happy family

Family yoga is a great opportunity to share your practice with your loved little ones.

It is a great chance to spend some quality time all together influencing your family’s connection and balance giving you and your kids’ the best opportunity to feel confident and supported.

Supporting your kids with your presence and allowing your kids’ uplifting energy to touch you from within will surely enhance your yoga practice!


  • Helps you and your kids to strength, stretch and improve posture
  • Bonding with your kids
  • Spending quality time and interacting with your kids
  • Improves breathing and promotes relaxation
  • Pleasure and fun

Group Studio Classes


£20 Single Family Yoga (1 child + 1 parent)

£25 Single Family Yoga (2 children + 1 parent) 

£30  Single Family Yoga (1 child + 2 parents) 

£35 Single Family Yoga (2 children + 2 parents) 



Lesson duration 45min once a month on Saturdays


Private Class Prices

At our studio

£65 a single lesson

£600 for a block of 10 classes (valid for 4 months)

At your place

£70 a single lesson

£650 for a block of 10 classes (valid for 4 months)


Yoga Classes

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